Block Management

Y & Y Management have over a decades experience and have a detailed knowledge of managing residential blocks. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the very best level of service tailored individually to each block or site.

The Y&Y Management bespoke service:

  • Unique property manager
  • Preparation of accounts and budgets
  • Attend RMC inspections, AGMs and other meetings
  • Handle all day to day issues at the blocks
  • Rent collection
  • Manage site visits
  • Coordinate maintenance contracts
  • Process payments
  • Oversee building works
  • Conduct rent reviews
  • 24/7 Emergency helpline
  • Organise building insurance
  • Cleaning and gardening contract organisation

Block management can be a time consuming task for the owner or landlord. It is far better to place your trust in one of the south easts leading residential block management companies. At Y & Y Management our extensive network of providers offering services from insurance to maintenance coupled with our on site managers ensures that block management is not a burden.

We monitor the latest changes to Government Legislation, ensuring each property adheres to the latest statute.

Y & Y Management understand that ownership of residential blocks is an onerous task, we feel that having a knowledgeable and experienced management partner eases that role considerably. If you feel that Y&Y Management could be the perfect fit for your property then please get in touch.

Y & Y Management are members of the recognised trade body ARMA - The Association of Residential Managing Agents; this underlines our commitment to fair trading and ethical working relationships.

Property Managers

Here at Y & Y Management we pride ourselves on our people. Our Property Managers are hand selected, trained by us and then fully briefed on each property.  Their first assignment is to get to know both the property and you. That way we can provide the most effective, efficient and personal service. Once well-acquainted, he/she will be able to both anticipate and promptly address any contingency that may arise, managing your property as it should be managed. This manager will work closely with support staff dedicated to your building.

The process works best with good communications, our team of Property Managers understand that and deal with all requirements quickly and efficiently, meaning that you don’t have the headache. 

Regular site inspections and meeting with leaseholders

As part of our routine management, the property manager will visit the site to inspect on a regular basis, most properties are visited monthly according to the schedule drawn up on instruction. This ensures that issues can be identified and dealt with quickly. The manager will also be happy to arrange meetings with leaseholders, whether as an AGM or general meeting. These meetings can be either on site, in the local vicinity or in the spacious boardroom in our offices.

Emergency Response

Y & Y Management operate a reliable 24hr emergency hotline, everyday of the year ensuring speedy remedial work is on hand.

Our Managers

We are personal people and like it best if you know who we are and who is looking after your property. We’d like to meet you and get to know you, that way the whole process becomes easier.  If you would like to meet us on site then no problem. We are here to help.


Y & Y Management have a vast experience working with freeholders and can offer a full service to handle all aspects of Freehold Management.   Our qualified and experience staff can issue Ground Rent and Service Charge Demands, produce budgets and conduct regular inspections of properties. We handle all the major Section 20 internal and external re-decorations and all normal day to day management issues. 

  • Y & Y Can offer Freeholders the following services:
  • Advice on Legal Framework and Estate and Lease Regulations
  • Reporting on freehold portfolios
  • Asset Management
  • Long term capex plans for straightforward and complex schemes
  • Collection and management of service charge budgets
  • 24/7 out of hours services
  • In house procurement